As If.

Don't follow me. There is no point. I never post anything on here and most likely never will post anything. I am only on here for the pictures. Have a good day and tumble on.

  1. YouTube.

    I have been on YouTube for almost two hours just watching acoustic sets of Paramore. 

  2. ihazpizza said: <3


    Your YouTube channel is amazing. 

  3. Rain

    We find rain to be so calming and so beautiful because we can listen to it and not have to hear people bitch or complain.

  4. I like the tums cause I can put whatever I wants.

  5. "You truely don’t find anything first. Someone or something has seen everything before you have. The only thing you truely find first, is yourself."
  6. "I think that we try so much that we might succeed what we want and go right past it."
  7. Screen.

    I just sit here and shuffle back and forth through Tumblr, Facebook, and YouTube. Sitting here bored at my computer. The only light I get is the one from my computer screen. I need to get out, so people will actually notice me.